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2020-03-11 | 06:52 h
2020-03-11 | 06:52 h
Voodoo Elegua altar ritual guide Orishas Cuba
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Voodoo Elegua altar ritual guide Orishas Cuba
Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

Voodoo Elegua altar ritual guide Orishas Cuba
Sisters sisters
at Brighid’s …
Elegua (male)
Weekday: Monday
Colors: red and black
Numbers: 3 and 21
Areas: Close and open doors
(physically and spiritually),
for happy coincidences,
Overcoming obstacles,
for good luck
and new ways.
Sacrifices: rum or brandy,
Tobacco, smoked fish,
Chili pods, sweets.
Precious stones: onyx, mahogany obsidian, ruby
This includes product number 3962
Orisha Elegua Voodoo oil
Voodoo Orisha Frankincense Elegua
Product number 1762
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Voodoo origin comes from the original Yoruba tribe which were subservient to the Egyptian conqueror Nimrod.
In Benin and Cuba, Voodoo Santeria is state religion
the Orishas are embodiments of natural forces.
In the first place stands Obatala, which according to the legend of Olodumare as
Ruler over the earth after he had created the earthly creation-process
completed and eleven orders
similar to the Christian Ten Commandments.
In this video is an original Cuban
Oshun ritual music played, the drums are deep and high
played to the Old Yoruba language which had different meanings in tone
adjust …
More in the video ….
You are welcome to distribute the video
or integrate into your website.
Thanks also for your Like it (:))
for the very time-consuming video animations.
Be blessed by Brighid
The live ritual music from Cuba is welcome to your private use.
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Elegua Ritual Dance Cuba

Lieke"aguita Coco" dancing for the orisha Elegua (Salsa Mundial tour Gerardo Rosales)
Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

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Alles über Hexen Magie APP gratis.
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The roots of Cuban music lie in the cabildos,
and is sung in the Yoruba language.
Video Orisha Oshun Dance from Cuba
Oshun Dancing, Havana, Cuba
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